Holm Center

For all ROTC info, the best site to check for information is the Holm Center web page. Here, you will find all you need to know about the United States Air Force ROTC program.

Air Force ROTC

This site covers all material relating to the AFROTC scholarship program. Though it is recommended to check the AFOATS site first, this site has been found to be more user friendly and is the most given out web address to prospective cadets. As well, the form to apply for an Air Force scholarship can be found on this website.

United States Air Force

This is the Air Force's main page for all information relating to the United States Air Force. It contains info pertaining to current AF news, has photos, and a user favorite, Air Force art.

Air Education & Training Command

This is the main web page for the division of the Air Force known as the Air Education & Training Command. This is the division that the ROTC program falls under. Here you will find great information on the education and training field of the Air Force.

Department of Defense

This is the main site for all Department of Defense information and news stories. This covers all spectrums of the military life, as well contains photos, interesting articles, and more.