Can I join if I don't have an AFROTC scholarship?

Absolutely! The majority of AFROTC cadets are NOT on scholarship. All cadets that successfully complete the program become USAF officers regardless of scholarship status.

If I join AFROTC, do I have a military service commitment?

NO. Not by joining. Not unless you are contracted for scholarship (after freshman year) or you complete the entire program.

I have had some medical issues, can I still serve as an officer?

Perhaps. All cadets go through a DOD Medical Evaluation Review Board (DODMERB) soon after they join. Our doctors will evaluate your situation and determine if you can serve as an USAF Officer. Your DODMERB is funded by ROTC at no cost to you.

If I'm in AFROTC, can I get called to duty while in college?

Not through AFROTC. Our program is to recruit and train college students to be officers w/ degrees – it does the USAF no good to interrupt this process.

Do I have to be a US Citizen to be an USAF Officer?

YES. Students in pursuit of a US Citizenship may contact our office to see if they are eligible to complete the AFROTC program.

If I join AFROTC, will my tuition be covered by the US Government?

Only if you qualify for a High School Scholarship or earn an In College Scholarship (ICS) will you receive all or partial tuition assistance.

If I join AFROTC, can I be a pilot?

YES – If you qualify. Det 320 has commissioned officers in every USAF career field. Det 320 has historically had a high Rated Categorization (flying jobs) selection rate. Flying jobs are offered by needs of the USAF.

Do I need to take the ASVAB?

NO. The ASVAB has no AFROTC relevance. We will give you the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT)

I missed the High School Scholarship deadline. Can you help me?

No, but you could have 2 opportunities for an In College Scholarship - if you qualify & AF budget pending.

How do I qualify for an ICS?

ICS funds and rules vary per year by needs of the USAF. Historically, you will need to be enrolled in AFROTC (meeting all entry criteria) and perform well enough in college to be selected in a national board. The USAF currently desires Technical, Foreign Language, and Nursing majors - they typically get boarded first.

I'm a master's student. Can I join for 2 years?

NO. AFROTC regulation requires a minimum of 3 years (6 semesters in college to complete AFROTC). Masters students are currently ineligible.

I'm a Junior or Senior. Can I join?

You must have no less than 6 semesters remaining in your undergraduate program to join. No exceptions. If you plan on graduating in 2 years or less, we suggest you contact the local Officer Training School (OTS) recruiting office and begin your application to that commissioning program.

I'm a Law student. Can I join?

The USAF has a special JAG program for law students. Contact our office to learn more.

Am I required to work for the USAF over the summers?

Though we do have Professional Development Training catered to qualified cadets, the only summer requirement for cadets is to attend Field Training for 28 days one time.