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High School Students

High school is the right time to get started preparing for the Air Force ROTC program. Underclassmen need to be working on getting good grades and participating in extracurricular activities. You also need to make sure that you are taking on leadership responsibility and performing well in those rolls. Once you get to May and June of the summer before your senior year, you can apply for a college scholarship to help pay for your college tuition. To apply for the scholarship you need to go to the Air Force ROTC website. This website also has tremendous details about the scholarships in general as well. The deadline to apply is December 1st of your senior year. We recommend you get the application completed by August and September. If you do not earn a scholarship or you have already missed the deadline, then you can still join Det 320 once you get into college.

College Students

Freshmen and Sophomores

Its not too late to join the program and start on the path to become an officer in the greatest Air Force in the world!

Joining the Det 320 Air Force ROTC program only takes two steps; signing up for the class and filling out the application. You can sign up for the class in whatever manner that you sign up for your regular classes at the school you attend. Freshmen will want to sign up for AERO 101 or 102, Foundations of the USAF and the associated lab.  Sophomores will need to sign up for AERO 201 or 202, Development of Airpower and the lab. Some sophomores will need to take the freshman level class at the same time, so make sure and check with us before you sign up for the class.

Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students

Currently, students must have three academic years left in school to participate in Det 320. If you are a junior or senior, and you have that many years left, then you should be able to join. AFROTC courses are open to all students. The other option to join is by going through Officer Training School. For more information about OTS you can go to this website.